H 1 Contemporary jewry n°2 vol. 37

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Judaïsme ; Régence d'Alger ; Juifs d'Algérie ; Kabyle ; Arabe ; Antisémitisme

Numéro d'inventaire : 100133

Niveau d'autorisation : Public

N°de périodique : 2 - Vol. 37 - juillet 2017

Sommaire : Special Issue: ISSR session on "Judaisms, Judaicities" in Louvain-la-Neuv • Belgium, 2015
Guest Editor: Joëlle Allouche-Benayoun

Editor's Introduction
H. Hartman 211

Guest Editor's Introduction
J.. Allouche-Benayoun 215

Intermittently French: Jews from Algeria during World War Il
J. Allouche-Benayoun 219

Jews, Moors, Arabs and Kabyles of the Regency of Algiers Under European Gaze (t6th Century—1830)
G. Dermenjian 231

The Transmission of the Jewish Past ln France Through the Prism of Commun ity Organizations
V. Assas 245

Explaining the Discrepancy of Antlsemitic Arts and Attitudes in 2Ist Century France
G. Jikeli 257

Belgian Jews and New-Antisemitism
E. Ben-Rafael 275

Some Epistemological Issues in the Public Dehate on Contemporary Antisemitism In France
P. Zawadzki 295

Black Judaism in France and the United States: An Example of the Intersection Between Religion and Race/Ethnicity
A. Mokoko Gampiot 309

Reading ln-Betweenness: Jewish Buddhist Autobiographies and the Self-Display of Interstitiality
M. Niculescu 333

Research Updates
H.K. Kim 349


Introduction to the Book Review Section
D. Panier 353

Erratum 357

Aaron J. Hahn Tapper, Judaisms: A Twenty-First-Century Introduction tu Jews and Jewish Identifies
J.Thompson 359

Naomi Prawer Kadar, Raisin& Secular Jews: Yiddish Schools and Their Periodicals for American Children.
J. Krasner 361

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